Specialist Coating

Industrial wet paint coating is the traditional method for protecting and aesthetically enhancing structures and fabrications. Bartlett’s Industrial Coatings carryout this process strictly in accordance with internationally recognised coating standards.
specialist coating provider

Customer specifications are key

Coatings are applied in accordance with our customers specifications. If customers do not have their own specifications, Bartlett’s Industrial Coatings in unison with our coating manufacturing partners, can provide a suitable coating procedure for any environment and durability requirement.

ISO or NACE standards

The development of paint coatings has, and will continue to evolve. The demand for solvent reduction with the introduction of High Solids and Water based Epoxies has driven Bartlett’s Industrial Coatings to work with our coating manufacturing partners to help provide a test platform industrial coating.

Unless specifically requested Bartlett’s Industrial Coatings blast clean all structures and fabrications in accordance with ISO or NACE standards and apply paint coatings to suit various atmospheric conditions.

The design and coating standard, ISO12944 provides guidance on the classification of environments from dry internal spaces to coastal exposed, and from buried in soil to immersed in salt water.

The potential life to first major maintenance or ‘durability’ is classed by one of the three sections. Low (up to 5yrs), Medium (5 – 15yrs) or High (more than 15yrs). These timescales are a general commercial indication of the time expected to first major maintenance and can be used to plan a maintenance / repair schedule.

in unison with our coating manufacturing partners
specialist coating provider

The right finish for the right environment

Paint coatings will degrade when subjected to sun light, abrasion and/or errosion and wide ranging climatic conditions, lose colour, strength and thickness, Bartlett’s Industrial Coatings can help you choose the right finish for the right environment.

fire resistant

We thrive on a challenge to find a solution to fire protecting our clients components, whether, valves, steelwork and electronic components.

we thrive on finding the solution