Powder Coating

Bartlett’s group carry out the coating process in strict accordance with internationally recognised coating standards.
specialist powder coating provider

Tough and durable

This is a high specification coating method providing tough, durable and abrasion resistant finishes to a vast range of materials.

This technique is also environmentally conscious due to the low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC) contained within.

3 main powder coatings used are:


Suitable for high thickens requirements

Epoxy Polyester

Hard durable finish with superior heat stability and durability.


For external use, providing exceptional UV stability and weather resistance. All of our finishes are inspected on completion to ensure thickness specific requirements are met.

specialist powder coating provider

The perfect facilities

Our newly commissioned powder coating booth, possessing a generous 4m x 3m oven, means we have the facilities to service both large and
small items.