About Us

Our objectives for continual improvement and quality management are further supported by our attainment of ISO 9001 certification

Trusted by some of the areas most influential brands.

About Us

At Bartletts Group, we are dedicated to protecting equipment and machinery from erosion and corrosion, and pride ourselves on being able to carry out skilled, high quality work for all of our customers.

We know how important it is that all paint systems are applied correctly, ensuring that they meet the strict guidelines from the worldwide corrosion authority, NACE. Our talented and professional team works hard to make sure that every job they do is completed to the highest possible standard.

Not only do we provide you with a high quality service, but we can also assist you in choosing the most suitable and cost effective system for your job. No matter how big or small the job is, our professionalism and high quality skills remain the same for all of our clients.

Blasting and Coating

Our blasting and coating services help to provide a protective barrier against corrosion and erosion, which can occur when equipment is exposed to extreme weather and environmental conditions.

This is an essential practice for any oil or gas components and structures which can be found in environments that are prone to corrosion, such as oil and gas, offshore and subsea industry sectors.

There are various different benefits to having your assets blasted or coated. These include protecting the reliability and integrity of your assets, minimising the possibility of any liability and regulatory issues, improving employee health and safety, and extending the lifespan of your assets.

What we do


We can help our clients meet the regulations and specifications required of them, we are able to deliver quality coatings to various markets.


Bartlett’s group have experience and technical expertise in nuclear protective coatings solutions including typical indoor and outdoor applications.

Gas and Oil

Bartlett’s group specialises in the application of corrosion resisting coatings and linings for pressure vessels, valves, actuators, tanks and pipework


Bartlett’s group has extensive experience in the painting, coating and blasting of all types of agricultural, groundscare and gardening machinery

Marine & Sub Sea

Bartlett’s Group offers protective solutions to all factors of marine environments, including coating application to lock gates, bridges, jackets and boats.


The defence industry’s increasing dependence on lightweight metals such as aluminum, titanium and magnesium


Bartlett’s group has experience in the medical and pharmaceutical market providing coatings and painting to meet the needs of manufacturers


Bartlett’s group has extensive experience in the painting, coating and blasting of all types of assembly line machinery and fabrication equipment


Bartlett’s Group offer complete protective and restorative solutions to the automotive industry, including coating application to panels and bumpers

A range of services

  • Abrasive blasting
  • Vacuum blasting
  • Track machine blasting
  • UHP water blasting
  • HP water washing
  • Chemical steam cleaning
  • Mechanical and manual descaling
  • Airless and conventional paint spraying
  • Multi component epoxy paints
  • Industrial and decorative coating applications

If you would like to find out more about our services, receive a quote or ask us any questions, give us a call on 01229 468484