NACE coating inspections

We routinely carry out inspection to all works carried out on our premises, and provide off-site coating inspection services on request:

BGAS /CSWIP Certified Inspectors

All of our Inspectors are BGAS/CSWIP Certified. Details can be supplied on request. We can also provide 3rd party inspection qualified to Nace / Frosio, should this be a requirement of your contract.

Coating Procedures / Inspection Test Plans can be supplied to ensure that we will conform to the requirements of your specification.

Full records of Climatic Conditions on our premises are maintained. We also perform Dry Film Thickness Checks after each coat. Additional testing is available to meet the requirements of your specification (e.g. Chloride Contamination, Dust Cleanliness Checks, Adhesion Tests & Holiday Detection). Detailed Quality Inspection Records are available if requested or stipulated within our Coating Procedure.

If you do not require full written quality records, we can also supply a Certificate of Conformity, confirming that all works carried out have complied with the requirements of your specification

we can also supply a certificate of conformity


The coating process requires inspection at every stage to ensure compliance to the specification.

From the preparation of the surface to be coated, through climatic condition monitoring to the dry film thickness evaluation, visual assessment and gauge-based testing will ensure adequate process control.

Our inspecting equipment

For steel surface preparation, the removal of rust and other contamination and the creation of a surface profile is required to enhance the adhesion of the applied coatings. Elcometer offer a range of visual standards for rust removal and a simple test for dust on blast-cleaned surfaces. In order to determine the level of soluble salt contamination of the blast cleaned surface, a range of salt contamination methods are available including the Bresle Patch Method, the Saturated Filter Paper method and the chloride-specific titration tube method.

For climatic condition monitoring Elcometer offer simple bi-metallic magnetic thermometers and electronic thermometers for temperature measurement, with wet and dry bulb hygrometers and electronic dewpoint meters for the measurement and data-logging of relative humidity and dewpoint temperatures. Oven temperature logging and wind velocity measurement are also available.

For coating thickness Elcometer offer wet film combs, mechanical and electronic non-destructive dry film thickness gauges, the destructive paint inspection gauge and the non-contact powder coating thickness gauge.

For post coating assessment of adhesion and porosity of the coating there is a full range of adhesion testers and low and high voltage holiday detectors.